“We’ve got your six.”

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments 

Conducted by professionals from the First Responder community, Blueline 360 utilizes digital Vulnerability and Compliance/Assessment Software to provide a highly visual, detailed analysis of every vulnerability and non-compliance issue to provide a comprehensive, corrective action pan.   Blueline provided this service as part of a team in 2019 for a 60 day project at the Mayo Clinic which assessed 250 of their buildings covering six states.

First Responders

Building partnerships with local responding agencies for the EAS is just part of the Blueline 360 program.  Our mission is to facilitate greater continuity and familiarity of our clients’ facilities to First Responders to enhance response for “all” emergency calls for service.  Our Law Enforcement Liaison Program builds the necessary partnership with our clients local responding agency so the AT-EAS  can be installed in their facility. 

 Active Threat and Medical Alert Systems

Blueline 360’s proprietary Active Threat Early Alert System (AT-EAS) combines probability, redundancy and tactics with our system design to increase reaction time for those under attack and for under attack and rapidly decreases the response time of Law Enforcement to arrive on scene and neutralize the threat.  The unique partnership that Blueline creates with Law Enforcement emphasizes the importance of the “control over convenience” methodology we apply which puts design safeguards in place to minimize the risk of false alerts.  Not an alarm.  Not a conventional panic button.  But a direct link to the cell phones of First Responders and Dispatchers that rapidly converts the initial call for help from minutes, to seconds. 

Education & Training

In addition to Active Shooter Civilian Response Training (ALICE), our team of certified professionals provides Blueline360- Alert-Evade-Cover-Engage (AECE) enhanced training to our clients.  AECE is an in-depth educational and Active Threat/Medical training program that empowers our clients with knowledge and skills to increase their odds of survival in a crisis.

Facility Hardening

Blueline 360 has partnered with leaders in the technology and security industry to offer our clients a wide range of products:  CCTV, access control, ballistic glass, Kevlar shields, locking devices, metal detection, RFID, and bio-scanners. Product placement is managed by our Blueline Professionals and distributed by our partners at ASTRO Integrated Systems.


Keeping “Active Threats” beyond the perimeter of our client’s facilities is our goal.  Blueline 360 is proud to be partnered with the Safertwatch that provides one of the most comprehensive, early reporting application available.  “See Something, Send Something.”   Like Blueline, Saferwatch understand the importance of developing the proper relationship with Law Enforcement and First Responders in order to create an effective plan that provides rapidly notification to prevent mass casualties and ultimately stop the attack before it happens.